guitarism - the most realistic sound in a virtual guitar

Now a universal app for iPad and iPhone, with Audiobus support!
"Everyone I show this to - whether they can play or not - WANTS this!"
"the first instrument app I've used that makes me feel like I'm playing a real instrument"
"My wife often asks me why I’m playing (guitar) in the kitchen and then realizes it’s the app"
"You don't need any musical knowledge to play, but you will gain it as you play"
"Mind blown"
"Fantastic sounding virtual guitar" -- "Life-like guitar sounds. Definitely recommended" -- "Top notch. We highly recommend guitarism" --

  • Unrivaled sound quality - people will think you're playing a real guitar!
  • The most natural interface around - literally play with your eyes closed
  • Advanced features such as fret muting, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and up to 18 active chords
  • Play along with songs from your music library, and save chord presets per song
  • Record and share your performances with the community and your friends
  • Watch others' performances for inspiration and download their chords
  • Get feedback and stats on your published performances, and climb the charts
  • Integrate with your DAW via AudioCopy and export to iTunes File Sharing and Apple Garageband
  • Audiobus support (iPhone 4S+ / iPad 2+ only) - play guitarism directly into other Audiobus-compatible apps, e.g. JamUp for guitar effects! (video)
  • Purchase the Smart Strings IAP to finger-pick, play arpeggios and strum without compromising the sound (demo video)
  • Purchase the "Quadroplay" IAP to simultaneously play up to 3 additional instrument apps (e.g. GarageBand) from guitarism! (demo video)
  • Rock out with guitarism today!



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[+] credits
concept, interface design, programming:Adil Sherwani
graphic art and images:Ryan Hemeon
visual design:Umaimah Mendhro
audio samples:Jahanzeb Sherwani

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AudioCopy and AudioPaste are trademarks and software of Sonoma Wire Works
Video encoding and hosting provided by Kamcord
MIDI engine based on Pete Goodliffe's PGMidi library

I am an independent developer, trying to make guitarism the best guitar app possible.
Give guitarism a shot and let me know what you think!